St Catharines New Kitchen

St Catharines New Kitchen

About the project

A little of the unordinary

Nestled in the vibrant Yates neighbourhood of St. Catharines, a stunning kitchen transformation took place courtesy of FARBA. With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our skilled team breathed new life into this culinary space, creating an inviting and stylish environment that perfectly suited the homeowner's vision.

Working closely with the client, we carefully selected a colour palette that harmonized with the existing decor, achieving a seamless integration of hues that brought contrast and character to the kitchen. From the cabinetry to the walls and trim, our experienced painters expertly applied their brushstrokes, creating a flawless finish that exceeded expectations. The result was a kitchen that not only radiated charm but also became a focal point within the vibrant Yates neighbourhood of St. Catharines, showcasing FARBA's commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service.

Our Steps

  1. Consultation: Met with homeowners to understand their vision.
  2. Preparation: Cleaned and sanded cabinet surfaces.
  3. Primer: Applied a high-quality primer for better adhesion.
  4. Paint Application: Skillfully applied multiple coats of paint.
  5. Detailing and Touch-ups: Addressed any imperfections.
  6. Hardware Reinstallation: Put back handles, knobs, and hinges.
  7. Inspection and Clean-up: Conducted a thorough inspection and cleaned the workspace.
  8. Client Approval: Invited homeowners for a walkthrough and feedback.
  9. Project Completion: Finished the job, achieving a fresh and updated kitchen cabinet look.

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